Reasons to Consider Structural Steel for Your Construction Project

As the name suggests, structural steel fabrication involves putting together smaller pieces of steel to make larger structures of different shapes and sizes. Usually, different manufacturing techniques like cutting, bending and welding are combined to create the desired products. 

Structural steel has many applications in today's construction industry. It can be used to create the framework used to construct residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, as well as the interior and exterior components of the buildings. It also has a place in civil engineering works such as the construction of airports, major highways, bridges and dams.

The widespread use of structural steel in the construction sector can be attributed largely to the many advantages it can provide. These advantages include the following.

Structural steel is a high-strength material

Ever wonder why many construction professionals turn to steel when they want to build large or tall structures that can last for many decades to come? From factories, warehouses and silos to skyscrapers, bridges and dams, the biggest structures are made of some form of fabricated steel. 

The high tensile and compressive strengths of steel lend themselves to use in construction applications that require high strength. What's more, superior protective coating systems can be applied over structural steel to prevent corrosion of the substrate metal. As a result, structural steel can retain its inherent strength even when used in corrosive environments.

Structural steel is a cost-effective material

One of the major reasons why many people shy away from using structural steel on their projects is the high initial investment it demands. While the upfront cost of building with steel is on the expensive side, the return on investment can be huge. 

The inherent strength and durability of structural steel combined with its low-maintenance design, make it an economical choice of material for construction projects. 

Structural steel is a good choice for the environment

The durability of steel structures means that the demand for materials needed to replace end-of-life buildings is significantly reduced. Plus, the low-maintenance design of these structures means minimal maintenance supplies will be used throughout their lifespans.

When it is time to tear down or remove steel structures, the material can be recycled and used over and over again, extending the usefulness of existing steel material. The recycling of steel helps to reduce the demand for primary production of steel, saving energy, water and other natural resources.

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