Temperature Measurements of Stainless Steel During Fabrication

Stainless steel presents special challenges to fabricators. For instance, welders must ensure that the stainless steel does not exceed the recommended temperature range, or else the material may develop defects, such as brittleness. This article discusses some of the options that welders can use to monitor the temperature of stainless steel as they weld it. Temperature sticks Temperature indicator sticks are devices that look like pens or crayons. A fabricator uses them to make a mark on the material whose temperature needs to be monitored.

The Benefits Of Choosing A Submersible Pump For Your Farm's Water Bore

Every crop farming operation, from a modest potato farm to a sprawling wheat farm covering thousands of acres, requires a prodigious amount of water, and a private water bore providing clean, uncontaminated water throughout the year can be a tremendous boon for any farmer. However, you will need a powerful pump to draw all that water to the surface where it can be used, especially if your farm's bore is particularly deep.

3 Reasons to Use Perspex Acrylic in Your DIY Projects

An increasing number of crafters and DIY project artisans are looking for new materials to work with. They want something unique while maintaining the durability of the final product. One of the options is to go with a type of acrylic known as Perspex. Perspex offers several benefits to crafters and DIY artisans. If you are a crafter or DIY artisan, here are three reasons you should consider using this type of acrylic in your upcoming projects.

3 Considerations of Buying a Road Saw for Your Asphalt Business

If you are considering expanding your asphalt business, you may be looking into various construction products. One of those products is likely a road saw. If you don't already own a road saw, or if you own an older road saw you want to upgrade, then there are a few things you should know. Here are a few of the considerations to keep in mind as you buy a road saw and what you need to know about each consideration.

Two Ways to Prevent Food Contamination in an Industrial Food Manufacturing Facility

Contamination of a food manufacturing facility's food products could have a hugely negative impact on that enterprise's reputation and could lead to serious illness in the customers who consume those products. As such, it is critical for those who run businesses of this kind to take steps to minimise the risk of their products being contaminated. Here are two ways that they can do this. Install stainless steel worktops The materials from which a food manufacturing facility's worktops are made can have a significant impact on the likelihood of its food products being contaminated.