What Information is Needed When You Want to Get a Metal Fabrication Quote?

If you want to use a professional metal fabrication service to get a project done, one of the main questions you might have in mind might be about how much the project is going to cost. You could be hoping that you can get a quote online or by calling someone from the metal fabrication service on the phone. If you would like to get a metal fabrication quote and want to make sure it's as accurate as possible, this is some of the information that you will need to provide.

The Type of Metal That You Want to Use 

First of all, as you might already know from previous projects that you have worked on using metal, different metals come at very different price points. If sheet metal is going to be used for your project, for example, you should know that some types of sheet metal are more affordable than others. Although metal costs do vary based on the market at the time, stainless steel sheet metal is often the most affordable. Many people choose to use stainless steel sheet metal because it's affordable, versatile and relatively long-lasting.

Copper sheet metal is a more expensive type of sheet metal, but many people think it's worth it due to things like its workability and appearance. You should definitely check into the pricing for different types of sheet metals and the pros and cons of each different type of metal. You'll definitely need to make this decision before you expect a finalised quote, since the metal you choose can have a serious impact on the cost of your project.

The Design and Specifications of the Metal Item

Ideally, you will need to be able to submit a computerised design of your project to the metal fabrication service before you ask for a quote. Generally, these companies will allow you to upload your design to their website, for example, or they will work with you to create a computerised design if you don't already have one. They will need to know about things like how big your finished item is going to be and how complex the design is before they can give you a quote, and even before they can let you know whether or not they will be able to take on your project.

The Type of Finish You Want

There are different ways that your metal item can be finished, such as with powder coating, painting and more. These finishes are often worth the cost, but they do come with a cost that you'll probably want to be aware of when you get your quote. If you choose the type of finish that you want, this can help you get the more accurate quote that you're hoping for.