Temperature Measurements of Stainless Steel During Fabrication

Stainless steel presents special challenges to fabricators. For instance, welders must ensure that the stainless steel does not exceed the recommended temperature range, or else the material may develop defects, such as brittleness. This article discusses some of the options that welders can use to monitor the temperature of stainless steel as they weld it. Temperature sticks Temperature indicator sticks are devices that look like pens or crayons. A fabricator uses them to make a mark on the material whose temperature needs to be monitored.

Displaying Some Christmas Spirit: 3 Things To Look For When Choosing The Best Christmas Flag

With Christmas being just months away, many people are already on the lookout for the right decorations that can bring some Christmas spirit into the community and home. There is nothing as festive as flying a decorative Christmas flag in celebration, and many stores offer a wide selection of different varieties for you to choose from. Christmas flags vary in weight, strength and flying ability, so it is important to clearly know what you are looking for in order to make an informed decision.

Intermittent Water Pump Cycling: Looking at the 3 Most Common Possible Causes

Have the water pumps in your house been turning on and off for no apparent reason? You may be dealing with intermittent water pump cycling. Any type of cycling is not only wasting electricity, but also reducing the overall lifespan of the pumps. Instead of calling a plumber and spending an average of $65 to $90 per hour, you may want to consider looking for the causes behind your problems instead. Here are 3 possible causes.