What Types of Equipment Can You Find in an Average Precision CNC Machining Shop?

As you can probably imagine, precision CNC machining shops typically have a variety of different types of equipment that they use when making items for their customers. Some shops have specialty equipment that is used for the special types of projects that they have to work on for their clients. However, there are some common, standard types of equipment that can be found in most precision CNC machining shops. These are some of the most common types of equipment that you will usually find in these shops.

Laser Cutting Machines

Nowadays, in most precision CNC machining shops, you will find laser cutting equipment. Many shops like having laser cutters because they can be used to cut through metal, wood, plastic, glass, and so much more. Laser cutting equipment that is controlled by a computer can be extremely precise. It also leaves behind nice, smooth edges. Additionally, employees who use a laser cutting machine that is controlled by computer software don't have to come in close contact with dangerously sharp blades or other potentially dangerous items.

Plasma Cutters

Even though laser cutters can be found in most precision CNC machining shops, this does not mean that other cutting equipment is not present. Plasma cutters are still very popular in these shops, too. Plasma cutters actually use gases in order to cut through materials. In some cases, plasma cutters are actually better than laser cutters for getting certain jobs done. For example, plasma cutters are better for certain jobs, such as making bevel cuts.

Lathes and Turning Machines

Lathes and turning machines are very commonly used in precision CNC machine shops. These machines use rotating bars for fast and consistent turning that can be used for things like drilling holes into metal or creating screws or bolts. These machines are very strong and can not only securely hold heavy and bulky items, but they can turn them at a high rate of speed that simply cannot be achieved without the necessary equipment.

Electrical Discharge Machines

You might have never heard of electricity being used for actual cutting, but electrical discharge machines work in this way. Basically, electrical sparks are created and used for cutting through material. Because these machines are controlled by computers, employees don't have to come in contact with these potentially hazardous electrical sparks and can instead count on the machine to do all of the work while they are a safe distance away.