3 Reasons to Use a Vertical Steam Boiler

If you need to install a new industrial boiler, then a vertical option is worth consideration. While these boilers look different from conventional models, they do the same kind of job. What are the advantages of switching to a vertical boiler?

1. A Smaller Footprint

Traditional industrial steam boilers have a horizontal configuration. They run across the ground. If you install this kind of boiler, then you need to find enough space for it to fit in safely. The boiler might take up a lot of floor space that you could otherwise use for something more useful.

If you install a vertical steam boiler, then space becomes less of an issue. These boilers have a smaller floor footprint. They extend upwards rather than along the floor. So, they take up vertical space that you probably don't need to use while freeing up floor space that you could make use of.

2. More Placement Choices

Traditional steam boilers don't just need a lot of room. They also sometimes have particular placement needs. For example, you might need to put the unit in a special boiler room. You might not be able to run it in a working area because of its size and the noise it makes. You will probably have to create a special platform foundation on which the boiler can stand.

Vertical steam boilers don't have these constraints. Their smaller size makes them a viable option in a work area, so you won't need to create a separate boiler room. Plus, these systems run a lot more quietly and with fewer vibrations than horizontal units. Some models also don't need a special foundation, which makes their installation simpler.

3. Easier Maintenance

Horizontal steam boilers aren't always easy to maintain. Large models have a lot of complex parts that aren't always easy to access. You might find it hard to get inside the unit to clean out deposits or dust that accumulate during the steam production process.

On the other hand, vertical steam boilers tend to deposit dust residues into their exhaust systems. From that point, the dust falls on the floor inside the unit rather than on other parts of the system. If you buy a model with a cleaning door, you simply have to open the door to clean the dust out.

To learn more about vertical boilers and to find out if this is the best solution for your needs, contact industrial steam boiler suppliers.