3 Reasons to Use a CNC Plasma Table With Downward Draft Fume Controls

If you want to buy a new CNC plasma cutting machine, then you have to deal with some safety concerns. While your operators work more safely because they don't have to hold the plasma torch, the machine will produce some fumes and particulates. It's a good idea to buy CNC plasma equipment that comes with a fume control system. While water tables collect emissions and debris as they fall, a downward draft control system is often a better option.

This system pulls fumes and particulates down and away from your operators. It then vents these substances through a filtration system or outside the building. Why is a downward draft system a better option for a CNC cutting machine?

1. Consistent Cutting Standards

CNC cutting equipment makes high-quality cuts even on complex configurations. This quality is one of the primary reasons people use these machines. If you use a system with a water table collector, then you might lose some cutting accuracy and quality. The water in the table might affect the materials you work on. For example, if water splashes up on to the cutting surface, it might affect how the plasma torch can work. Your cuts may be slightly rougher and less smooth.

If you use a CNC plasma machine that has a downward draft system, then you shouldn't see any quality problems. Cutting surfaces stay dry.

2. Improved Productivity

CNC plasma machines work fast. However, you might find that your productivity dips if you use a machine with a water table. You might need to use slower cutting speeds if you're working above or on water. Plus, the materials you cut might get wet. You'll have to wait for them to dry before you can do any other work on them or package them up for delivery. If your cutting machine itself gets wet, you might need to dry it off.

If you use a downward draft control, then you can work at full pace when you need to. You don't have to factor in adverse water effects.

3. Reduced Maintenance

CNC water tables typically need more maintenance than downward draft systems. You'll have to spend more time maintaining the cutting machine and its table. For example, constant contact with water or moisture might rust parts of the CNC machine itself. You might have to clean off and treat rusted areas. It isn't always easy to clean a table; you also might need to treat its water to keep it safe and healthy.

A downward draft fume control system needs less work. It won't damage the cutting machine. The system can compartmentalise dust and debris that it can't vent so you have an easier clean-up.

To find out more, contact cutting equipment suppliers.