The Many Benefits Of A Water Tank

There is no doubt that most people would agree Australia has a very harsh environment and one that is mostly defined by its heat and aridity. While cities close to the coast might have the hallmarks of a more lush climate, they still go through the same summers that cause droughts amongst much of the country. Therefore it is crucial to be able to conserve every ounce of water that you can get your hands on, and even more so as the globe begins to feel the effects of global warming. An easy way to conserve water and to lessen your water bill at the same time is through the use of water tanks.

Are water tanks really useful for people in the cities?

Many people consider themselves immune from the effects of droughts if they live in the cities along the coasts of Australia, but there are still quite a few reasons why someone who lives in the suburbs or even the city proper would want a water tank. Gardens are a large part of Australian culture, and keeping them looking nice can take up an absurd amount of fresh water. Water tanks that are rigged to collect rainwater can be used to fill much, if not all, of the demand a garden has. In addition, water tanks can be connected to your blackwater (waste) disposals on your toilets, meaning you use rainwater to flush your toilet. This can save you hundreds of dollars a year and thousands over the course of your water tank's lifetime.

How big of a water tank can I get?

 Many water tanks are situated subterraneously, so as long as you have a relatively decent sized garden, you can get water tanks that have a maximum capacity of 1,000 litres all the way up to tens of thousands of litres. The beauty of a modern water tank is that it is made from a very strong form of plastic called polyethylene, which can last far better and longer than both older water tanks constructed from dangerous metals and even cement. That means a polyethylene water tank can hold water safely for far longer than at any point in history.

Is it an investment in the future?

Water tanks aren't just for your benefit. As aforementioned, the world is in a climate crisis at the moment, and using freshwater on your gardens and in your toilet seems like a big waste when you could be using water that has no other use. Rainwater use is the best way to utilise your water tanks and is an investment not just in your finances, as it saves you money not only on your water bill, but also in the future of the globe.