3 Reasons to Use Perspex Acrylic in Your DIY Projects

An increasing number of crafters and DIY project artisans are looking for new materials to work with. They want something unique while maintaining the durability of the final product. One of the options is to go with a type of acrylic known as Perspex. Perspex offers several benefits to crafters and DIY artisans. If you are a crafter or DIY artisan, here are three reasons you should consider using this type of acrylic in your upcoming projects.

Finishes and Textures 

One of the leading reasons to use Perspex acrylic for your projects is the large variety of finishes and textures available. This is an ideal benefit if you have a project that needs varying degrees of light or needs natural shading. For example, if you build unique lamps or enclosures, then you could go with clear finishes alongside frosted textures. You can even use coloured sheets of the acrylic to add to the design. This reduces the chance of needing multiple materials for the project and allows you to work with the same material base throughout the project.

LED Options

LED lighting is an increasingly popular request to artisans using acrylics and similar materials. Though the LED lighting itself may be easy to achieve, getting the material surrounding the lighting may not be as easy. You need something that will illuminate well, cast off the lighting well, and that can hold up to any amount of heat that the LED light might throw off after long periods of use. Perspex offers all of those benefits. You can choose the right type of texturing for the acrylic to work with the LED lighting you choose. You can also cut the acrylic to fit the space and your final design plans.

Machining Grade

You may have some projects that require a higher grade material than something for a general DIY or crafting project. This higher grade of material may be for an outdoor project, kit car project, or something similar. With that in mind, Perspex may still fit your needs. Perspex has a machining grade option that can be suitable for industrial projects. It can withstand various temperature conditions, has a higher durability, and can work with electronics and other panels that may be secured to the material.

If you think that Perspex may be ideal for your projects, contact a local manufacturer or Perspex supply dealer. They can help you with order numbers, bulk ordering, pricing and questions you have about the options available to you. They can also help you with delivery to your location.