3 Considerations of Buying a Road Saw for Your Asphalt Business

If you are considering expanding your asphalt business, you may be looking into various construction products. One of those products is likely a road saw. If you don't already own a road saw, or if you own an older road saw you want to upgrade, then there are a few things you should know. Here are a few of the considerations to keep in mind as you buy a road saw and what you need to know about each consideration.

Size of the Saw

The first thing you need to consider before you purchase a road saw to expand your asphalt business is the size of saw you will need. If you will be doing simple cuts and repairs in smaller areas, such as patch jobs and potholes, then a mobile saw may be ideal for your needs. However, if you are expanding your asphalt business to handle larger projects, such as paving and repairing parking lots and school road ways or driveways, then you may want to have a truck mounted or CAT mounted option.

Energy Supply

If you decide to go with a smaller or mobile option for a road saw, then you will need to decide what type of energy supply or source you want for the saw. You will have three options for smaller mobile saws. These power supply options are solar, fuel and electric. The key to choosing the energy source type is to determine the location of most of your worksites. For example, if you are dealing with driveways and sidewalks for residential customers, then a fuel or corded power supply would work. However, if you are going to be working in parking lots and larger open areas, you may want to consider the solar power option.

Materials and Cutting

The final consideration for buying a road saw will be the types of materials you will be cutting. The most common will be asphalt and stone. However, you may find that you need to cut underground pipes made of PVC or steel. You may also find that you are cutting concrete and layers of rock, depending on the specific project. Keep this in mind when you are choosing the roadsaw and the blades that it will be able to use.

If you think that your local resource for construction products has the right road saw for your asphalt business, contact a representative today. They can help you with any questions you have and with any pricing information you need. They can also help with delivery of your purchase.