Factors to Consider when Buying Formatubes for Construction of Patio Columns

The construction industry has grown by leaps and bounds, with different technologies coming through that enhance the building process. The use of cardboard tubes called formatubes is one such technological advancement. Notably, the construction industry has continued to adopt the use of such tubes. If you are planning to put up a small patio with decorative columns, then you should consider using cardboard tubes. However, when buying formatubes for such a project, you must consider a few aspects because the outcome will depend on the choice of formatubes. This write-up highlights such issues.

Interior Texture -- When you look inside formatubes, you might notice fine lines spiralling from one end to the other. The spirals indicate overlap of the many sheets of cardboard that are used to make the tubes. While this is true for certain types of formatubes, some tubes are smooth all the way. Therefore, you need to be careful when ordering tubes. The reason is that once you pour in concrete, the surface will have an imprint of whatever lines there are on the insides. Since your objective is to have a patio with decorative columns, you should go for cardboard tubes with smooth interiors, which will give you an opportunity to come up with unique designs and patterns.

Formatube Porosity -- In construction, concrete pillars require enough time to cure for structural integrity. Since water is vital in the process, you need to ensure that columns get just enough water, that is, not too much or too little. Your choice of formatubes will determine how the columns will cure. Ideally, you want cardboard tubes that are less porous. It means that their ability to allow water into the inner parts should be as minimal as possible. One way to ensure that you order formatubes with the right porosity levels is to look at the material used on the outside of the tubes. For example, a polythene formatube will keep water inside the column and enhance curing.

Quality of Formatube -- Making concrete columns is no mean feat. You do not have the luxury of repeating the process once a problem occurs. Since formatubes are meant to hold concrete firmly as it is poured, they should be able to withstand the weight of the wet concrete mixture. The only way to achieve functionality is by choosing formatubes that are made from high-quality materials. If you can afford tubes that have been reinforced with mesh wire, that's even better.