Take A Powder: The Advantages Of Choosing Powder Coatings To Protect Your Custom Motorbike Trailer

A motorbike is a thrilling mode of transportation to say the least, but they are hardly the most comfortable option, and many dedicated bikers use custom-built motorcycle trailers to tow their bikes during long journeys. These trailers (particularly enclosed trailers) also provide an added layer of protection for your precious bike(s)—however, your trailer needs just as much care and attention to stay in good shape as your bikes do, and applying protective coatings to your trailer to stave off rust and other damage is never a bad idea.

To that end, many trailer-owning bikers use rustproof paints, which can effectively prevent ferrous components of your trailer from rusting. However, having your trailer powder coated can be a far better option, as these unique coatings have a number of advantages compared to paints and galvanised coatings:


One applied, a layer of powder coating is considerably thicker than a layer of rustproof paint, even if you apply multiple coats. Powder coatings are also highly resistant to moisture, heat and chemical damage (including damage from petroleum products), do not perish under intense sunlight, and do not flake or peel as they age. Combine these traits and you have a protective coating for your trailer that can last for many years with minimal maintenance.

Reliable rustproofing

As the name would suggest, rustproof paints do an exceptional job of preventing corrosion of the metals they are applied to. However, this protection only lasts for as long as the paint layer remains completely uniform and undamaged, and even a slight crack or peeling edge can allow moisture to become trapped beneath the paint and the metal beneath. Powder coatings, with their enormous durability and resistance to cracks and chips, provide much more reliable rustproofing and are particularly useful if you take your bike trailer off-road.

Choice of colours

Although powder coatings aren't available in quite as many shades as most rustproof paints, you still have an enormous variety of colours to choose from, and the durability of powder coatings means this colour will not fade significantly over time. This allows you to customise the look of your trailer in a variety of ways—some bikers may wish to match the colour of their trailer to the colour of their bike, while others may opt for bright, florescent shades designed to maximise visibility in bad weather.

Environmentally friendly

Because powder coatings are applied in dry powder form and 'baked' onto the surface of your trailer, they do not require the addition of solvents to remain liquid before they are applied—this makes them significantly less toxic and environmentally damaging. Powder coatings are also free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are present in many paints and can emit noxious gases into the atmosphere as they degrade.