You Care for Everything in Your Home—Why Not Brick Walls and Floors?

Your home is the perfect way to say something about yourself. The combination of walls, driveways and patios speak volumes about your style and the things you value when it comes to design. More specifically, using bricks is a good way of appreciating natural material that the planet has to offer. Bricks are made from naturally occurring clay, heated in a kiln and left to cure for optimal strength. Traditional as they may be, bricks have an incomparable classic elegance and appeal that cannot be matched by other construction materials. If you have used them in any section of your home, here are some tips to help you take care of your precious bricks:

Clean the Bricks

The first thing you must do is keep the bricks clean and free of dirt. If you are among the few people who has them on your interior floor, vacuum the bricks regularly and clean them occasionally with a brick cleaner from a nearby store. Brick floors and walls built outdoors in patios and pavements are victims of corrosive elements, and regular cleaning with soap and water will reduce the negative impact of these elements. Occasionally, throw in a non-abrasive brick cleaning solution to freshen the look of the outdoor bricks.

Seal the Bricks

If your bricks are unsealed, it is important to seal them to maximise durability. Fold thick pieces of cloth or towels and place them around the area that you want to seal. Scrub the floor thoroughly using a stiff brush or sponge to remove dirt on the bricks and between the crevices. Rinse the brick surface with clean water and leave it to dry naturally. Once the surface is dry, apply the brick sealer with a suitable brush, ensuring that the sealer covers all sections and crevices. You can also add wax on the sealer for a glossy finish.

Sealing the bricks prevents grout and dust from accumulating on the surface of the bricks. It also makes cleaning easy.

Brick Fireplaces

Brick fireplaces present a unique challenge when it comes to maintenance. Unlike floors and other wall sections, they are regularly exposed to high temperatures and smoke. After construction, apply a penetrating brick seal containing Tung oil. The sealer forms a protective coating on the surface of the bricks and makes work easy for you when cleaning with soap and water. Smoke and soot residues will be a thing of the past around your fireplace.