PVC strip curtains: Cutting down on energy costs

The worldwide crusade for energy conservation compels everybody from big companies to independent merchants to cut down on energy consumption. One of the ways to reduce your energy usage is to install a PVC strip curtain in your industrial premises. As the name implies, PVC strip curtains are designed from PVC plastic sheeting. Basically, the sheeting is cut into elongated, narrow strips and hung together to create what resembles a curtain. 

Why PVC?

Actually, PVC is the perfect material for making these strip curtains. PVC is a fantastic insulator against thermal heat, which is a key attribute contributing to reduced energy costs. Additionally, these curtains are admired for their durability and flexibility. 


Many businesses in the industrial sector often grapple with the high cost of their power bills. Especially in storehouses and warehouses, the needed temperature levels may differ dramatically from one area to another. A lack of insulation sees the cost of heating specific areas go up. Take the example of a food processing plant where foods that need refrigeration are often stored in the same storehouse as foods that don't need refrigeration. In this scenario, the two specific areas would need a partition wall providing access for workers and trolleys on either side. The idea of installing a physical door to partition the two areas is expensive, plus the door requires insulation, and passing through with a trolley is awkward and time consuming. As such, a PVC strip curtain is an ideal choice for separating the two areas. Given that PVC is a great heat insulator and the curtain hangs seamlessly, the surrounding temperature in each room of the partition remains stable. 


When an employee needs to access one of the partitioned rooms, he or she can just push through the PVC strip curtain, which leaves a narrower gap on either side of the person or item passing through. As a result, less heat is lost compared to the use of a door, which would provide more space around the worker or object for the heat to disperse. After the employee has passed through, the separate strips of PVC automatically fall back into position. In the end, there's less workload for your heating system and refrigeration equipment plus, more energy savings. 


PVC strip curtains are quite cheap to produce, which means they are a lot more cost effective, considering their overall benefits. What's more, installation takes minimal time, which doesn't interrupt your normal business operations.