What size is your goal?

There is no better feeling than scoring a goal, as long as it's in the opposing net. As probably the best player in the world, Lionel Messi, says "It's scoring goals that's great, whether that's against Brazil or anyone else." No matter at what level you play at, from the World Cup Final to a rainy Sunday league, or even just a kick-about with your mates, the thrill of scoring a goal is still immense. But, no one puts any thought into who made that possible—not just the hours of preparation by managers, associations or even your group of friends to organise times and book a pitch, but also who built the soccer goals or put up the sporting nets in the goals to make that thrill complete.

The Many Sizes of Soccer Goals

Soccer goals can come in many shapes and sizes to suit whatever level your match is being played at. The regulation goal size is 2.44 metres high by 7.32 metres wide; it is one of the laws of the game. Common sense agrees, though, that for children playing the game, a 2.44-metre high goal isn't making the game sporting; it would just demoralise the goalkeeper. Also, different-size goals are used for five-a-side games or for training purposes.

Professional Goals

These range from portable soccer goals, which, although flimsy, can serve a purpose, to the more robust goal posts being manufactured for professional use. These more robust goals can come in steel or the preferred option of aluminium goal posts. These only need to be used for professional purposes, but can be utilised to great effect in local parks to encourage local football and higher level of exercise and community.

Non-Professional Goals

When setting up a small kick-about with friends, you could go with jumpers for goalposts, but that always leads to arguments when you haven't got physical goalposts or a cross bar to identify the goal. The easier option if you don't want to fall out is to get some goals. Depending on your need, you can go for building your own, buy a portable goalmouth in a multitude of sizes or gather everyone where professional goals exist. You never need to miss out on the fun with so many options available to you.

The options

You can get fold-away and pop-up training goals, mini goals that are 0.91 metres wide and 0.76 metres high, which are especially good for really young kids, and you may like to add target sheets to your goal for training purposes. There are many more option that include all sizes up to professional. Ensure you get sporting nets in the goal or you'll be chasing that ball forever as you score goal after goal for that unbeatable feeling. Well, only unbeatable if you make sure you score more than the other team.