Custom Made Model Carry Cases

Collecting model miniatures can be an expensive and time-consuming hobby but is equally rewarding. Everything from preparing the surface of the resin for painting to the individual modifications and paint jobs takes time, dedication and patience, and so the last thing you want is to damage your models during transportation. Good quality cases that cater to your own specific model armies can be difficult to find. To ensure that everything from your warriors to your heavily armoured vehicles get the protection they deserve, try to create your own custom made boxes, as you'll be able to produce the exact size you need for each compartment regardless of scale.


Most commercial boxes contain soft foam compartments which can be cut with a sharp crafting knife and then stuck together with PVA glue. You'll also need a fine black marker pen and a straight metal ruler, preferably with a finger guard, and to cut on you could use an old chopping board or a dedicated craft mat. 

The Materials

You can use whatever you like for the actual container, from a standard double-layered corrugated cardboard box to a more durable and protective flight case. Whatever you use, try to get something that is easy to carry and if possible has a couple of carry handles and a solid bottom. For the actual compartments you can buy dedicated soft foam sheets designed for creating custom packaging and flight case inserts. These should be uncut and thin enough to just about cover the smallest models you own once you have hollowed out the compartment, yet large enough to fit comfortably in your case without moving around. Try to get two different sizes as well, a thicker sheet that will be used to make the actual compartments and a smaller sheet to act as the backing for it. 


To build a basic foam tray for the average tabletop infantry model, place your models on the thick sheet of foam and mark around each of them. You can either create generic rectangular boxes that will fit random models or trace the details to make a custom fit. Next, cut out the marked sections with the hobby knife and stick the thinner piece of foam to the back with PVA glue. If you want to build trays for bigger models such as tanks, follow the same process but build up the walls of the thicker trays with multiple layers to accommodate the height. Depending on the size of your box you should be able to make multiple cases that will sit comfortable on top of each other.

If you're less DIY savvy or can't seem to create a box that works, consider ordering custom made boxes straight from a manufacturer.